Does anyone want to write their heart out here

<h1>Does anyone want to write their heart out here?</h1> <p>I&#039;m an Indian, female, 27 year old, converted Christian from a very Orthodox family, My birth itself was not liked by my father, as I&#039;m a girl.<br> I have a sister,4 years younger to me.<br> As my father believed in Astrology, which said I end my […]

Does anybody messed up with life

<h1>Does anybody messed up with life?</h1> <p><span class="qlink_container"><a href="http://egalitariansm.<br>blogspot.<br>com/2018/09/only-3-terms-of-success.<br>html" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="return Q.<br>openUrl(this, 103123139);" class="external_link" data-qt-tooltip="blogspot.<br>com">ONLY 3 TERMS OF SUCCESS</a></span> and with the help of these you can make your life in your own way.<br>.<br></p>

Do you write poetry

<h1>Do you write poetry?</h1> <p>Yes I do like writing poetry, usually I write short one.<br> Here&#039;s a new poem of mine- <b><i>Choice</i></b> <i>Lost in this mirage of work and life, <br />&nbsp;She wondered when was she happy the last time <br />&nbsp;how beautiful was this world from time immemorial <br />&nbsp;Was this the life she […]

Do you want to cry

<h1>Do you want to cry?</h1> <p>I like when something like film/movie, anime, story or video make me cry, but I don&rsquo;t like when someone who I love (no matter what kind of love it is) make me cry… When something like film/movie, anime, story or video make me cry, then I think is masterpiece, because […]

Do you value yourself

<h1>Do you value yourself?</h1> <p>Yes, I do.<br> And everyone should value themselves.<br> This life is precious and we are also precious gems of our family (I believe).<br></p> <p>There was a time, long ago, when a person, who was younger than me, knew less than me… Didn&rsquo;t value himself.<br> In 2014, after a very rough year […]

Do you think Wattpad is just a popularity driven forum where only clichd novels actually get read and noticed

<h1>Do you think Wattpad is just a popularity driven forum where only clichéd novels actually get read and noticed?</h1> <p>The Yuen Ranking Algorithm has been developing constantly over the years.<br> During the initial years of Wattpad, I would absolutely agree with that statement.<br> The situation had sort of been better three years ago, but there […]

Do you think the person who A2Ad you is cool

<h1>Do you think the person who A2A'd you is cool?</h1> <p>Yes, you&rsquo;re cool.<br> You have good taste.<br> You&rsquo;re someone who, although we&rsquo;ve never directly spoken, I think I could consider a friend.<br> You seem fairly awesome, you write good answers, and you are my oldest fan on Quora.<br> I remember the first day you followed […]

Do you think that Narendra Modi has failed as a PM

<h1>Do you think that Narendra Modi has failed as a PM?</h1> <p>Here are some of the scenarios where <span class="qlink_container"><a href="https://www.<br>youthkiawaaz.<br>com/2019/03/10-times-when-indias-chowkidar-failed-india-and-its-citizens/" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="return Q.<br>openUrl(this, 130572430);" class="external_link" data-qt-tooltip="youthkiawaaz.<br>com">Narendra Modi has failed</a></span> to protect India and its citizens: 1.<br> <b>Goods and Services Tax (GST)</b> Although GST is considered to be a landmark decision under the […]

Do you think James Frey did anything really wrong in writing the book A Million Little Pieces I did not see what Oprah did to him My sister in laws friend knew him and said that he was as bad as in the book

<h1>Do you think James Frey did anything really wrong in writing the book A Million Little Pieces? I did not see what Oprah did to him. My sister in laws friend knew him and said that he was as bad as in the book.</h1> <p>I read the book and saw him on Oprah Like her, […]

Do you still read books

<h1>Do you still read books?</h1> <p>An enthusiastic YES! As a seller of New and Pre-Owned printed, (physical) books, I can tell you they are still very popular.<br> And though I have not polled my customers, I have some clues as to why.<br> <b>SENSES</b> First and foremost I cite a very human reason: We are sensual […]

Do you still write letters

<h1>Do you still write letters?</h1> <p>Hmm….<br>.<br>in this era of digital technology, people have almost forgot to write with their hands….<br> … As he lay there, glittering, Untouched since years.<br>.<br>.<br> The laptop passed a nasty smile And he broke down to tears.<br> .<br><br />As the fingers ran on the keyboard, He stared in desperation and gloom.<br>.<br>.<br> […]

Do you mind sharing a poem

<h1>Do you mind sharing a poem?</h1> <p>yes i would love to share a poem with you that i have composed recently for my father hope you like it! <b>My Father in heaven guiding us!</b> <b>Her hair was up in a ponytail,</b> <b>her favourite dress tied with a bow</b> <b>Today was daddy&rsquo;s day at school,</b> <b>And […]

Do you like yourself

<h1>Do you like yourself?</h1> <p>First I have to mention that I am 61.<br> <b>It took me a long time to really love myself.<br> But now I do.<br></b> I don&rsquo;t love myself everyday, of course.<br> Or more correct, the love is under the surface, and when the going gets tough I even now think that bitch […]

Do you like reading books

<h1>Do you like reading books?</h1> <p>Yes, I do love to read.<br> It&#039;s like my stress buster.<br> Reading gives me excitement.<br> It makes me feel every emotion – sad, happy, passionate, motivated, energized, tired, warm, nostalgic-in just a few pages.<br> It really helped me understand there are many sides to a story.<br> Though many people around […]

Do you have any poems you wrote youd like to share

<h1>Do you have any poems you wrote you&rsquo;d like to share?</h1> <p>Here is something I wrote while I was going through a difficult phase: Bleed You pinch yourself, To know what is real.<br> The tears don&rsquo;t stop, The shard digs deeper.<br> And all those thoughts, They keep gushing.<br> Refusing to budge, Refusing to die down.<br> […]

Do you have any more poems of yours that you could share

<h1>Do you have any more poems of yours that you could share?</h1> <p>ये शरद के चांद-से उजले धुले-से पांव,<br />मेरी गोद में !<br />ये लहर पर नाचते ताज़े कमल की छांव,<br />मेरी गोद में !<br />दो बड़े मासूम बादल, देवताओं से लगाते दांव,<br />मेरी गोद में ! रसमसाती धूप का ढलता पहर,<br />ये हवाएं शाम […]

Do you have an idea that could change the world

<h1>Do you have an idea that could change the world?</h1> <p><b>Education !</b> We all know the world will change when the people will, and what is a better way to change the world than to change the <i>Education System</i>.<br> If we see analogically- <i>This is it now.<br></i> <i>This is it today.<br></i> <i>This is it today.<br></i> […]

Do you feel beautiful

<h1>Do you feel beautiful?</h1> <p>This is not a simple question, despite its brevity… So let&#039;s dive in… At the moment I don&#039;t feel aesthetically beautiful.<br> I have my glasses on, which I think makes my nose look sort of club-like.<br> I&#039;m in pajamas and I&#039;m not wearing makeup and my forehead is breaking out a […]

Do you enjoy reading your diary

<h1>Do you enjoy reading your diary?</h1> <p>I only read the entries in my diary if, the said entry was written more than five years ago.<br> I can&#039;t read it if it was written any sooner.<br> I find myself pretentious, fake, exaggerated in my writings.<br> While the thoughts are fresh on my mind, I see million […]

Do writers get paid on Wattpad

<h1>Do writers get paid on Wattpad?</h1> <p>Through the Wattpad Futures program, interested writers can supplement their income with little effort.<br> The program helps writers earn money by inserting ads between chapters of their Wattpad story.<br> Every time a reader views an ad, the writer earns money.<br> &ldquo;The dynamic Wattpad community is unlike any other social […]

Do we use a plural or a singular verb after none of the books

<h1>Do we use a plural or a singular verb after "none of the books"?</h1> <p>I nearly forgot about this &lsquo;zombie rule&rsquo; in English until this question cropped up.<br> &ldquo;None&rdquo; can be singular or plural — yet many people believe it can only be singular.<br> Professional editor&rsquo;s protip follows:— <i>AS SINGULAR</i> &ldquo;None&rdquo; is <b>singular</b> (<i>is</i>):— Example:— […]

Do we answer people or answer the questions on Quora

<h1>Do we answer people or answer the questions on Quora?</h1> <p>Quora&rsquo;s mission is to &quot;share and grow the world&rsquo;s knowledge.<br>&rdquo; <a id="cite-kNKRW" href="#kNKRW" class="citation_link">[1]</a> If the goal is the growth of the world&rsquo;s knowledge (vs.<br> personal), then we answer the question, not the person.<br> Once the question is posted, it can be referenced.<br> As a […]

Do teenagers deserve privacy

<h1>Do teenagers deserve privacy?</h1> <p>Why <b>wouldn&#039;t</b> we? Are we not human beings? Do we not have rights, like everyone else on the planet should? I do not understand why some parents like to intrude on their children&#039;s privacy.<br> It drives me crazy, because whenever I do something on anything, I first have to think whether […]

Do teen boys like simple teen girls

<h1>Do teen boys like simple teen girls?</h1> <p>I&rsquo;m going to go with yes, even though I am a girl.<br> At least at my school, boys go for the most basic, average, snapchat-dog-filter-starbucks-loving, girls ever.<br> Not that I&rsquo;m saying your any better if you don&rsquo;t like those things, but it&rsquo;s just the &ldquo;norm&rdquo; now for girls […]

Do teen boys slap teen girls asses

<h1>Do teen boys slap teen girls&rsquo; asses?</h1> <p>Yes.<br> Quite a bit actually.<br> Let&#039;s all gather around for story time.<br> I was in 8th grade and dreading the next few hours of my life because I was at a school dance.<br> Now in 8th grade I was what would be considered a cool wallflower.<br> I stood […]

Do Spanish speakers insert nonSpanish accents into their speech when enunciating nonSpanish names

<h1>Do Spanish speakers insert non-Spanish accents into their speech when enunciating non-Spanish names?</h1> <p>That&rsquo;s a pretty complicated question, actually.<br> I&rsquo;m not sure about all Spanish-speaking countries because there are A LOT, but I do know about Mexico, and the answer is that it depends on the context and the person speaking.<br> <b>For example:</b> Most of […]

Do Spanish people understand Mexican Spanish

<h1>Do Spanish people understand Mexican Spanish?</h1> <p>The grammar of Spanish is essentially the same regardless of region or dialect, and most of the &ldquo;standard&rdquo;, formal parts of the language&rsquo;s vocabulary are relatively similar.<br> However, informal Spanish, and even some more formal Spanish, has a lot of regional variation—including words that are commonly used in one […]

Do smarter people see the world differently

<h1>Do smarter people see the world differently?</h1> <p>I have a rather high IQ.<br> I don&rsquo;t know if I see the world differently for sure, but I can give you some of my perspectives and see if they fit with the general vox populi, as it were.<br></p> <p>When speaking of intelligence as the ability to quickly […]

Do Quorans get paid by Quora if they get popular

<h1>Do Quorans get paid by Quora if they get popular?</h1> <p><b>Quora pays me exactly $0</b>, and I expect they have a great incentive not to pay ever, where the nature of motivation is involved – because the dynamics of Q&amp;A will be shifted towards clickbait-style and bot answers.<br> Personally, I&rsquo;d imagine I&rsquo;d be turned off […]

Do proficient writers make grammatical mistakes

<h1>Do proficient writers make grammatical mistakes?</h1> <p></p> <p>Oh yes, we most certainly do.<br> In my first draft, I usually make mistakes.<br> Even as I write, I am aware I am making a mistake; but carry on , so that the flow is uninterrupted.<br></p> <p>I think yes they also make mistakes which are grammatically incorrect.<br> But […]

Do people still write personal diary

<h1>Do people still write personal diary?</h1> <p>YES! People still use personal diaries and if you ask me, they do it more than ever before.<br> I think the reason you thought of this question is that your idea of diary writing involves a hard-bound leather journal that is too heavy to carry.<br> But the time to […]

Do people still read fiction novels anymore

<h1>Do people still read fiction novels anymore?</h1> <p>By definition a &ldquo;novel&rdquo; is always fiction.<br> In addition, a lot of &ldquo;non-fiction&rdquo; is really fiction wrapped in an agenda.<br> Since proclaimed fiction is honest and non-fiction is unreliable as a true source of information, I prefer reading fiction.<br> I know it&rsquo;s a bunch of lies, so I […]

Do parents have the right to read their childs diary

<h1>Do parents have the right to read their child's diary?</h1> <p>No.<br> Nope.<br> No.<br> This happened to me.<br> It wasn&rsquo;t with my parents, but my friends.<br> It happened yesterday.<br> I went over to a friend&rsquo;s house to have a sleepover.<br> The four of us on a Saturday night.<br> I brought my journal with me because if […]

Do most people think everyone else shares their flaws

<h1>Do most people think everyone else shares their flaws?</h1> <p>Alright, I guess I know what I want to say.<br> Now if only I can pen it down just as effectively.<br> I read the question in the morning and have been thinking about it off and on.<br> Great job <span class="qlink_container"><a href="/profile/Gigi-J-Wolf">Gigi</a></span> for coming up with […]

Do most nonnative Spanish speakers use proper grammar

<h1>Do most non-native Spanish speakers use proper grammar?</h1> <p>There is no definite answer to this question.<br> Depending on who is speaking, and where they learn the language, their language use could vary greatly.<br> There is a better possibility for formal learners to make less grammatical errors, but this does not mean they are more competent […]

Do men cry at the movies

<h1>Do men cry at the movies?</h1> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Yes I cry a lot in movies and in almost all emotional scenes more than anyone I have ever known.<br> People generally cry when they connect with movies.<br> Crying is not sign of weakness its sign of how deeply involved/connects with movie or any scene.<br> It shows […]

Do grammar rules matter anymore

<h1>Do grammar rules matter anymore?</h1> <p>Them course of does.<br> Necessary speaker&rsquo;s part on grammar are knowing who in order to word word-bit and put, them also the words also word-bits in also then with part listener when for way interpreting by.<br> According: speaking total musts to having way of knowing where is word and word-bit […]

Do great writers like their writing

<h1>Do great writers like their writing?</h1> <p>It is up to the fans to use the word great, the writer himself (and I can think of, and have met, many) who use the word to describe themselves are pompous asses.<br> I toil at what I do, and have been lucky enough to be continually published since […]

Do distance relationships work How can you make it work

<h1>Do distance relationships work? How can you make it work?</h1> <p>First and foremost, this absolutely cannot be generalized.<br> It totally depends upon the people involved in the Long Distance Relationship.<br> I think I am well qualified to answer this question, since I was in a 4.<br>5 years long distance relationship, and now we are finally […]

Do Brazilians want to speak Spanish

<h1>Do Brazilians want to speak Spanish?</h1> <p>Spanish is not a popular language in Brazil.<br> Outsiders, specially Europeans, might find this strange, as 8 of the 11 countries we border have Spanish as an official language, but things are a bit more complicated than that.<br> There are 3 main reasons why most Brazilians couldn&rsquo;t care less […]

Do book publishers still make money

<h1>Do book publishers still make money?</h1> <p>Yes…that is why so many of the big traditional ones remain in business and newer ones like Oceanview are doing well by specializing in mysteries.<br> Vanity presses also are making lots of money but at the expense of authors who are in too much of a hurry to be […]

Do book editors get royalties off your book

<h1>Do book editors get royalties off your book?</h1> <p>No.<br> Professional freelance editors work for a flat fee.<br> We are not publishers, and it&rsquo;s not within our remit to gamble on the success of a book in the market, which is what we&rsquo;d be doing if we accepted royalties in lieu of a fee.<br> Also, the […]

Do authors write more than one book at a time

<h1>Do authors write more than one book at a time?</h1> <p><i>&quot;Do authors write more than one book at a time?&quot;</i> <b>Stages.<br></b> Most books have stages: the prep stage, where the writer outlines or researches a new project; the drafting stage, where the first rough sketch of the entire story is written down; the first editing […]

Do anonymous questions on Quora get answered

<h1>Do anonymous questions on Quora get answered?</h1> <p></p> <p>They get less attention and have less chances of being answered specially with A to As.<br> Why being anonymous unless it is something to offend the readers? I suppose, most of the times this is the manifestation of not being confident or it is just to test […]

Do any Filipinos speak Spanish

<h1>Do any Filipinos speak Spanish?</h1> <p></p> <p>In general, it is safer to assume that the general Filipino population nowadays doesn&#039;t speak Spanish, just like how Indonesians don&#039;t speak Dutch and how the Vietnamese don&#039;t speak French.<br> All we have is thousands of Spanish loanwords in the Filipino languages, but even these are slowly being replaced […]

Do all women moan during sex

<h1>Do all women moan during sex?</h1> <p>Moaning loudly during sex has become more prominent with the massive boom in the porn industry.<br> We hears Stars like Nikki Benz and Mercedes Carrera screaming like they are being attacked by a serial killer and men everywhere think that is what women need to sound like if they […]

Did you lose your writing motivation

<h1>Did you lose your writing motivation?</h1> <p>Well.<br> Imagine you are on a flight.<br> Quite tired, after a sleepless night, casually depressed (as writers should be, dah) and quite bored.<br> You want to work on your novel that you&#039;ve been working on forever.<br> You hate it.<br> You want it to burn in hell sometimes, and yet, […]

Daily Life What are the best selfimprovement books

<h1>Daily Life: What are the best self-improvement books?</h1> <p>Almost Every successful self-made millionaire read at least 2 books in a month, Even after becoming rich and successful still they never fail to read books, because they understand the importance of reading, they know that reading gives knowledge and through reading they will always learn something […]

Did Barack Obama write a letter to Donald Trump when he left office

<h1>Did Barack Obama write a letter to Donald Trump when he left office?</h1> <p>Yes he did.<br> You can read the full letter here: <span class="qlink_container"><a href="https://www.<br>cnn.<br>com/2017/09/03/politics/obama-trump-letter-inauguration-day/index.<br>html" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="return Q.<br>openUrl(this, 110524455);" class="external_link" data-qt-tooltip="cnn.<br>com">Exclusive: Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump</a></span></p>

Did a certain answer on Quora change your life

<h1>Did a certain answer on Quora change your life?</h1> <p>This question – <span class="qlink_container"><a href="/What-is-Google-Code-in-1">What is Google Code-in?</a></span> It changed my life completely.<br> It introduced me to the world of magic and walking cat girls and anime.<br> Now I regularly fight weird monsters while going to school.<br> I also recently got a Death Notebook, and […]

Could the world function normally if half of the entire population disappeared overnight If ever how long would it take for the world to be stable again

<h1>Could the world function normally if half of the entire population disappeared overnight? If ever, how long would it take for the world to be stable again?</h1> <p>It depends on which half, but the population halving isn&rsquo;t a new phenomenon.<br> While these events didn&rsquo;t occur overnight, the populations of countries and even continents have halved […]

Could humanity survive if 999 of humans were wiped out

<h1>Could humanity survive if 99.9% of humans were wiped out?</h1> <p><b>Nope.<br> <br /></b>if 99.<br>9 % of humanity is wiped out- It is because of a deadly virus/ frequent natural disasters/ asteroid or meteor striking the earth/ nuclear catastrophe or something cataclysmic.<br> <br />There is no reason to assume, that technology would survive or hospitals would […]

Could different history change science

<h1>Could different history change science?</h1> <p>Sure.<br> If the library at Alexandria had not burned down during Cleopatra&rsquo;s reign, many of the scientific advances recorded by the Egyptians could have been the bases of further advances, especdially in food production and medicine.<br> Human mortality rate would have improved geometrically and the population of the earth would […]

College and University Faculty What is the best recommendation letter you ever wrote

<h1>College and University Faculty: What is the best recommendation letter you ever wrote?</h1> <p></p> <h1>College and University Faculty: What is the best recommendation letter you ever wrote?</h1> <p></p> <p>Please check this out: <span class="qlink_container"><a href="http://blog.<br>prepscholar.<br>com/teacher-recommendation-letters-that-got-me-into-harvard-and-the-ivy-league" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="return Q.<br>openUrl(this, 35163053);" class="external_link" data-qt-tooltip="prepscholar.<br>com">These 2 Recommendation Letters Got Me Into Harvard and the Ivy League</a></span></p>

Can you write your heart out

<h1>Can you write your heart out?</h1> <p>Please read it completely because I badly want to share it with someone.<br>.<br>I have been waiting for an opportunity to share my feelings…and today that I have got one I am writing down my feelings….<br> The thing is that I started loving this guy(say A)from my 7th grade itself.<br>.<br>.<br>to […]

Can you write something very sad

<h1>Can you write something very sad?</h1> <p>Unwilling to tell you Unlikely to forget you Unwanting to be without you Eyes that are swollen Smiles that are scarce Memories that haunt me Laughs that are missing Fault that is not yours Mistakes that are mine Your name that brings happiness Your thoughts that bring sadness Blames […]

Can you write something to make me feel better

<h1>Can you write something to make me feel better?</h1> <p>Psst.<br> I want to tell you a secret.<br> If you fully understand it, your mind will be blown.<br> Are you ready? I think you are ready for it, because your question implies suffering and the need for relief of this suffering.<br> So, here it comes: <i>The […]

Can you write something that will make even the toughest people cry

<h1>Can you write something that will make even the toughest people cry?</h1> <p>As a spoken word artist, i strive to create something that people can relate to.<br> Please see my link below: <span class="qlink_container"><a href="https://www.<br>youtube.<br>com/channel/UCoc6FerJKt1tdUzM3ReL6WQ?view_as=subscriber" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" onclick="return Q.<br>openUrl(this, 119049052);" class="external_link" data-qt-tooltip="youtube.<br>com">Spoken word Truth</a></span></p> <h1>Can you write something that will make even the toughest […]

Can you write something that can change someones life

<h1>Can you write something that can change someone's life?</h1> <p><b>Edit1 </b>: <i>Thankyou, This is my first answer which got 50+ upvotes so I am adding more sentences.<br> Keep upvoting for more :)</i> <b>Edit2</b>: <i>Thankyou for the 200+ upvotes,I am adding more lines.<br></i> <b><i>Edit3</i></b><i>: 300+ upvotes.<br></i> <b>Edit4</b>: <i>A last edit after 500+ upvotes</i>.<br> <i>Happiness can be […]

Can you write something scary

<h1>Can you write something scary?</h1> <p>&ldquo;Why.<br>.<br>why me?&rdquo; Tear drops pricked her eyes as her lips quivered.<br> &ldquo;Look at those plump cheeks, those brown eye balls carrying an ocean of worries, those cute little mountains of pimples…he must have been mesmerized by your beauty.<br>&rdquo; Niti replied with a cocky grin, sitting near Ana in her cabin.<br> […]

Can you write something sarcastic

<h1>Can you write something sarcastic?</h1> <p>BOY : Since we met, I can&#039;t eat or drink.<br>.<br>.<br> <br />GIRL : Why not ?? <br />BOY : I&#039;m broke.<br> BOY : May I hold your hand?? <br />GIRL : No thanks, it isn&#039;t heavy.<br> GIRL : Who was that girl I saw you kissing last night?? <br />BOY […]

Can you write something romantic here

<h1>Can you write something romantic here?</h1> <p>The first time I saw her, she&#039;d pulled her hair in an oily bun and was dressed in pajamas.<br> Frankly, I didn&#039;t feel compelled to spare her another glance.<br> <i>The first time I saw him, I couldn&#039;t take my eyes off him.<br> The grace with which his hands moved […]