Is Narendra Modi the worst PM India has ever seen

Is Narendra Modi the worst PM India has ever seen?

Is Narendra Modi the worst PM India has ever seen ?
The answer is both Yes and No.
Let me tell you why Yes ?
But if you are not any of them and are just a common Indian then Modi is one of the best PM India has ever seen.
So decide what type of person you are ?

I don’t know about so called “Modi Lovers” all around Quora, Twitter, Youtube, almost every 90% of quorans is praising Modi.
Warning: This answer will hurt all Modi lovers.
He has done every mistake that they are missing now:

A big yes to this due to the following reasons:
I just hope one day Modi ji becomes as better as his competitor opposition leader.
Wait wait wait…
Who is having this much calibre to compete Modi ji, so till then let him stay the worst of all…
So,Decide yourself accordingly.
Jai Hind!!!

Many may call him an anti-Muslim or a Hindu with extremist tendencies, but for me .
One should include all troubled loans including reported bad loans, restructured assets, written off loans and bad loans that are not yet recognised," he told Firstpost's Dinesh Unnikrishnan in an exclusive interview.
The Modi government has time and again alleged that NPAs were a legacy issue, putting it at the UPA's door.
It is not yet clear whether the govenrment is seized of the enormity of the problem.
The steps being taken by the govenrment – like the NPA ordinance – do not offer a long-term solution.
Neither do they ensure that the money in the possession of big corporates will indeed return to the banks.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been successful in changing the scale of the country's thought.
Even in last three years, the Politics of India has changed.
Casteism, nepotism and appeasement had been uprooted.
He said, "that's why our motto for the celebration this time is: Sathi hai, vishwas hai, ho raha vikas hai".

Indian Army displayed their valour by surgical strikes, and PM Narendra Modi showed political will.
When it comes to defence and national security, Modi government has always put this as a topmost priority.
India has been presented as a country now with a strong political will.
This government is clean and progressive, no corruption taint on us.
While the formation of the government PM Modi said that this government would be for the poor and downtrodden, for farmers and for the Dalits.
This government had worked day and night to ensure that the promise made by PM Modi is achieved.
Without naming the Congress, Amit Shah said, "After years of corruption under the previous governments, we finally have a government that not even the opposition can accuse of corruption".
For last several years, our armed forces have been asking for One Rank One Pension or OROP, but their requests fell on deaf years.
The Modi government ensured that OROP is implemented.
Before BJP government was in power, Indian scientists used to be satisfied by launching 3 to 4 satellites.
But now they have set world records by launching 104 satellites.
Amit Shah gave the credit to scientists and said that Modi government will always support scientists to the best of their ability.
The GST (Goods and Services Tax) or One Nation One Tax was a dream for traders and entrepreneurs across India.
The Modi government made sure that the crucial bill was passed in the Parliament.
The GST Bill is one of the most significant reforms, which makes India as one unified market.
In last three years, the BJP government had repealed 1100 laws that were irrelevant and further simplified law and order.
More and more Indians are moving towards digital transactions every day and so the country is undergoing a digital transformation.
The Modi government launched the BHIM App, which is today the world's most popular digital transaction app.
Under Make in India programme, the Modi government has given manufacturing a major boost.
The BJP government is also working day and night towards ensuring that electricity reaches the corner of the country.
The BJP government has had also taken steps to put an end to VIP culture.
Scrapping the red beacons from cars has been a path-breaking step.
The current financial year has been a record year for industry and production.
Urea production, Gas connections, Coal production, Urea production, Ethanol, electricity production, sea trade, railway investment, highest length of roads constructed, rural roads, most cars, two wheelers, highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and highest Forex Reserves.
The BJP government had regulated the price of stents, has brought heart treatment to the reach of the poor.
PM Modi and the BJP government has laid the foundation for a 'New India'.
Inflation is under control, we are now the fastest growing economy in the world.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that India's GDP will grow at 7.
2 per cent.
In last 3-years, through his dedication, commitment and hard-work, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the most popular leader since Independence.

He is the disaster of India.
His biggest scam is Rafael scam, Reliance agricultural insurance scam and there are many more.
His disasters were note bandi which led to around 100 people dead in atm lines and GST which led to the loss of jobs of lakhs of people, and closed down of many small scale industries.
Because of GST most of the prices of products has touched the sky.
For example petrol price has increased so much, even though the international price is the lowest of all time.
He has bought most of the media channels, because of which these channels always blabber about modi, even knowing he did not do anything other than going for a world tour for 5 years.
He helped the most wanted bank looters like Vijay Malya, Hemant Choksi, Nirav Modi to escape from India.
The only reason he became pm is because of the evm machine hacking.
If paper ballot is brought back, bjp will never ever come back to power.
He is a certified lier.
Hence he is called Feku.
He lies a lot in his speeches.
If u want to know, just listen to his speeches during election time, and things he delivered in his tenure (i.
For example, “Har kisike account me 15 lakh rupey aise hi aa jaynge”.
Abi tak 1 rupey bhi nahi aye.
His party try to divide our beautiful country in terms of religion and rule.
This was done by british people during their reign.
The people supporting him here are from bjp IT cell and bhakts, so ignoring them would be great.
For more reference, check videos of Dr.
Ram Puniyani and Dhruv Rathee and Ravish Kumar.
They opened my eyes and led me towards truth.

Below are the lowest points ever reached by Indian Prime Minister.
India want someone like RaGa.
Hope you got your answers.

If you think Narendra Modi is the worst PM of India, you've probably not heard about aur so called Chacha…
Yes, Mr.

He did so much works…
But unfortunately not for India…
You are wrong brother, It looks like this( The Kashmiri Region)…
Credit- Mr.
For More such Great works of Mr.
Nehru refer to the given link ->

( BTW I am neither comparing Mr.
Modi with Desai nor saying he is worst.
I am just trying to attempt a part of the question)

India is fondly called as “diverse” because of its people who belongs to different geographies who has no relation and still live as a single clan – Hindus
 India adheres to “unity in diversity” because of various cast & sub cast, other religions like Buddhism , Jainism , parcies etc & we still live together .
India is fondly called as “diverse” & which adheres to “unity in diversity” — is NOT because we live together with Muslims !
Muslims are invaders and all people wish is to move you guys to the land which you belongs to — Modi is doing what people wish .

As per Pakistani media, secessionist in Kashmir , Maoists in India, corrupt Babus & Netas, yes absolutely.
He is honest, efficient, visionary and can take big risks, so all anti socials do consider him as the worst Indian PM ever.

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