Is love something you feel or something you do

Is love something you feel or something you do?

My simple view – while seeking
love is a complex mix of feelings, caring and acting.

feelings are what attracts you to something, the intensity of the liking, wanting, must have, constant thinking, to be near, to hear, to touch, the bonding, to see, magic moments that become cherished memories, missing, is a mix bag but intensity drives the mind and heart to then do two things:
caring – sharing, worrying is it all right, looking after something, making sure all is well and no harm is near.

the favourite – flowers, ring wedding, breakfast in tiffanies, expensive diners on the eifel , dream holidays, house car.
love is a one way ticket – meaning you can love something and it does not have to return the love.

bliss is – loving both ways.
Aiya Maiya – love is strange – don't analyse – just flow with the moment

Love is a sudden emotion, causing the release of phenyl ethylamino.
It autoconsumes normally within three years.
Sufficient to discover good and irritating habits in a partner and finding out that it is impossible to change someone.
Seldom, the effect remains and more often, it modifies into respect and harmony.
For the rest, a lot of books can be written about however, most of the time, authors know nothing about.

LEE Hok-wah
Cognitive Emotions- and Neuroscientist
Cosmology- and Evolution philosopher

I think many people confuse love with the daily emotions of what attracts us or pushes us away.
Yet in truth I tend to think that love is the essence of how one soul comes to connect with another.
Our souls drive its need through the biology of our birth, seeking, searching, hoping to find that connection that comes to make it complete.
It matters little what form our biology takes, when two souls find the peace they seek; but when such love is lost, our biology falls to the addictions of need, expressing itself to a mind of habit, rather than a soul replete.
For love is the essence of who we are, and only when we lose our chance do we fall to the shadows of the light we once knew so well.

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