Is gerund plural or singular

Is gerund plural or singular?

Either way.
Mostly plural, but some go together,
Examples showing singular gerund
Hunting tigers is dangerous.
Brushing your teeth is important.
Smoking causes lung cancer.
Drinking and driving is unsafe.
Examples showing plural gerund
Skiing and snowboarding *are* fun.
( plural gerund )
Case 01.
Gerund is used as the subject of the verb
I stopped worrying and started working ( plural gerund )
Case 02.
Gerund is used as the object of the verb
The tablet must not be taken before getting up and brushing the teeth in the morning.
Case 02.
Gerund is used as being governed by a preposition

The word gerund is singular.
Gerunds themselves are usually singular, as in the sentence, “Making adult decisions is difficult.
The word making is singular, thus we use the word is rather than are.

Most gerunds serve as uncountable nouns and do not have a plural form.
For example, eating is always singular because it cannot be counted.
There are, however, a handful of gerunds which are countable and thus have a plural form, such as being, feeling, finding, meaning, saying, showing, sitting, and warning, among others.
Hope this helps.

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