Is Either singular or plural

Is Either singular or plural?

Either is a determiner, a pronoun, a conjunction and an adverb.
Such are its uses.
When used as a pronoun it is used as a singular.
Which set of pencils do you want want, the blue or red?
I don't want either.
Where shall we go, to the beach or hill station?
Either is OK.
What time shall we meet, morning or evening?
Either is fine.

Either is always used with Or.
Both words are like couple.
Therefore you can’t escape any of these two while writing any kind of one complete sentence.
Secondly “Either-or” condition is always used to choose one option from two options.
Therefore it gives a singular essence to the overall meaning of the sentence.

I wonder why such a doubt arose? Either is a connective word.
With my limited knowledge, I can say such question doesn’t arise for connectives.
Only for nouns it is an issue.


Updated: 10.07.2019 — 10:07 am

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