Is being racist edgy

Is being racist edgy?

You know, I have built a reputation out of answering the uncomfortable questions using the language of economics to explain human evolution, development, behavior, and thought.
And providing uncomfortable but true information is always ‘edgy’.
And working on ‘edgy’ subjects draws attention.
Despite writing rather prolifically against racism (particularly racism against whites), I have ended up as a bit of a ….
spokesman on the matter, quite by accident.
And honestly it’s not something I care for.
The truth is I hate the subject, I don’t care if I’m edgy, I just want to know the truth.
And the truth is that every single claim of racism is just a postmodern form of ridicule, shaming, gossiping and rallying.
The fact is that steriotypes are the most accurate measure in the social sciences.
So what will we do to change the fact that stereotypes are profoundly accurate descriptions of behavioral distributions among people with similar features.
The reason is very simple: the scale of the underclasses of warmer climates that did not undergo manorialism is larger than the scale of the underclasses of the colder climates that went through manorialism (west europe, and east asia).
Agrarianism was a genetic meat grinder.
It made a profound difference.
And the plague, and hte fact that europeans hanged so significatn proportions of the population every year, and the east asians (chinese) used the axe with equal profligacy let the middle classes move downward and create higher median distributions of abilities and behaviors.

Is being racist edgy? Define “edgy” for me.
I don’t get the slang.
Being racist gets you attacked on a lot of social media.
so I guess it’s edgy in the sense of taking risks and pushing issues far.
But is it admirable? Not at all.
Whites have no business claiming to be superior to people with different skin color, and people who aren’t “white” skinned have no business putting down whites for their color.
Both are racist beliefs that their ethnic group is superior to another, which just isn’t true.
I agree with other answers here that we all need to leave our ethnic groups now and then and get to know others.
It’s easy to hate images in the news, but hard to hate the neighbor who helps you plow out your driveway in the winter.
There were no black-skinned people in my home town, and there was only one black-skinned student in my high school class in the town I live in now, because it was a private Catholic school.
Even now, there’s only one black family on the block I live in.
How can we defeat racism when we don’t know each other? On TV, blacks are drug-addicts and crooks, and whites are ignorant racists, and that’s it.
Well, occasionally whites are good people who stand up for black people, but you don’t see black people standing up for whites, because white people make the shows and don’t see that as realistic.

I think that it’s about as uncool and sad as anything can be.
Sure, there’s a certain in-group boosterism inherent in looking down on others.
But putting others down doesn’t build you up.
It just creates the fantasy that you're better.
Not the reality.
These days, the groups that do that usually end up missing teeth and living in mobile homes, where they subsidize their miserable incomes by selling meth to schoolchildren.
Those who genuinely feel good about themselves and who become the world’s winners don’t feel the need to put down others.
Racism is for losers.

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