Im afraid to ask my mom for birth control I know shell be disappointed and shocked and probably cry I dont want to make her sad whats the best way I can I ask her Or should I even ask her

I’m afraid to ask my mom for birth control, I know she’ll be disappointed and shocked and probably cry, I don’t want to make her sad, what’s the best way I can I ask her? Or should I even ask her?

Ask her.
Because we are ALL sexual beings, and will act in that manner, because that’s how we are wired, and it’s why you yourself are here today.
If your mother won’t let you have birth control, SEEK IT ELSEWHERE.
Do not risk getting pregnant!
My other piece of advice is, do not have sex with someone who cannot afford to take care of you and raise your child, or you are signing up for a life of misery.
Make certain your sexual partners are EDUCATED and have a good job.
If your boyfriend is pressuring you, tell him to go make the ca$h.
If you have a child, and are a woman, your employment options have been limited, your salary will be lower, fewer desirable men will want you, and you will struggle to stay looking young and beautiful, which puts you at a severe disadvantage.
Figure out where you want to go with your life.
Realize that having a child out of wedlock will severely limit your chances of getting there unless your partner can afford to raise that child.

Well i dont think she will be.
Hopefully if you arent already pregnant but if anything that is a very smart thing to do! Because getting on birth control can obviously help you to not get pregnant and end up ruining your life having to care for a baby at a young age and she should let you do it.
It would relieve stress on her and she wouldnt have to worry so much about you hanging out with boys or a boy.

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